Your perfect day captured through the lens of your nearest and dearest

We are a professional wedding video editing company that works with you and your wedding guests to capture all of the special, genuine moments from your day.

Using the footage captured by the people you love the most, we tell your story in an authentic, unique and natural way, leaving you with a  wedding video that stands the test of time.

We know how expensive weddings can be and when you’re prioritising things that you want to include in your wedding day, a videographer may not be at the top of your list. With Weddit you don’t need to miss out. Weddit Films is the perfect option if your wedding budget is tight or there are many other things that come before a videographer. If you’re looking for an affordable wedding videographer, this is your answer.

How it's made

Your Special Day

We will work with you to ensure your wedding guests capture the best footage of your special day

Capture the Day

Your friends and family capture footage on the wedding day on their phones/digital devices

Send it to us

They send their footage to us via Whatsapp group messenger or WeTransfer

We work our magic

Weddit Films will transform the footage into a magical film of your wedding day

You are sent the final piece to watch and treasure forever

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